Jul 1, 2012

Royal Trux - Cats and Dogs (1993)

Where our favourite junkie couple almost sounded like the rock bands they were either mocking or imitating. Whereas Dinosaur Jr could kinda channel Neil Young when they needed to, Royal Trux would write half a Stones riff then maybe accidentally fall into Trout Mask Replica worship or something more minimal. Maybe it's the amateurism that stops them at that point and has me thinking about Half Japanese and other lo-fi weirdos, but Cats and Dogs very nearly rocks hard. Their duets sound like they're about to lose it, and the songs themselves very nearly collapse before they stop or go on a Thurston Moore-like tangent in which cases the band rock weirdly and they do it exceptionally well. The sneers are there and so is the sleaze, it's avant-garde junkie blues punk at its best



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