Aug 14, 2012

B-Sides & Rarities (2005)

  • The acoustic Deanna gets to the No carpet on the floor/and the winding cloth holds many moths/around your ku klux furniture/I cum a deaths-head in your frock part before going into the gospel Oh Happy Day showing where he got the idea for the song and while not exactly ending on a positive note unless ejaculating ominous moths is a good thing, at least there's no murderous rampage! Oh happy day!
  • Roy Orbison's Running Scared is one of the best songs ever. Nick Cave's version is SO b-side/rare.
  • I always like Cave doing Black Betty
  • I like when Mick Harvey gets credited with guitars and Blixa with feedback guitars
  • Another x song?! Weeping songs, ship songs, now TRAIN songs. Straightforwardly sentimental, train as a metaphor for escape or missed opportunities universalizes his narrative
  • Someone bought me The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young for my birthday a few years ago and I still think it's a special record and Cave's Helpless and Pixies' Winterlong are pretty heartbreaking as is. Helpless is on here, not Winterlong 'cause that'd be weird
  • (I'll Love You) Till the End of the World from Wim Wenders' 'ultimate' road movie Until The End Of The World sounds like Tom Waits set to ridic Nature&Organisation cornballishness
  • Leonard Cohen done noise-Elvis is always fun compared to 80s Cohen groan-core originals
  • The What A Wonderful World duet with Shane MacGowan is the sole justification for this b-sides & rarities collection. Fuck your dorky collector impulses!
  • Straight after that is a cover of Rainy Night in Soho from The Pogues' Poguetry in Motion. I prefer MacGowan's haggard original. Weird 'cause I usually dig MacGowan more as a poet and Cave more as a singer!
  • 3 O'Malley's Bars
  • Where the Wild Roses Grow with Blixa instead of Kylie!
  • 3 Discs!
  • I was lying about collector impulses and What A Wonderful World being the only reason to get this. The video is much more fun

  • Hmmmmm
  • How to assess something like this
  • Are the versions on here better or worse than the ones we already have?
  • What are we meant to do with three discs worth of b-sides and rarities?
  • Collect them, I guess
  • Dork
  • B-
  • try 1 / 2 / 3
  • buy

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