Aug 13, 2012

Half Japanese - Loud (1981)

On Charmed Life Half Japanese went half-retarded without knowing any chords or theory, just plucking/hitting their instruments in a way they thought sounded alright to cutesy songs inspired by the wise simplicity of Jonathan Richman. I figured they thought they sounded like The Modern Lovers in the same sorta way that Daniel Johnston thought he sounded like The Beatles... I thought the Captain Beefheart-ish moments were entirely coincidental! But the earlier release, Loud, changes all that. They didn't end up cutting-edge through sheer naive passion and endearing amateurism! This shit has DNA, James Chance, Captain Beefheart, and Pere Ubu all over it! These guys know their punk rock! They know their no wave! They know their noise! What the fuck! I'll never hear Charmed Life the same way again!

But man, their dumbass no wave inspired noise rock is pretty awesome



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