Aug 5, 2012

Dwight Twilley - Twilley Don't Mind (1977)

Dude on the left looks like Michael Bluth until you think about it, then he doesn't any more. Turns out I'm not picky enough to write about Twilley Don't Mind. If I was pickier, I'd compare it to Sincerely and say that it doesn't rock as hard or have the same impact and sounds more like a good power pop album by a band rather than two guys overdubbing every component of their powery pop- synthesizing voice, instrument, hook, person into a single entity: Sincerely. I'm not picky though! I feel spoiled listening to an album with so many great hooks, and which at only 10 tracks, never threatens to lose my interest. Less Romantic in a rebellious handsome pop way, more band absolutely kills it on 10 tracks sorta way. And I don't mind.



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  1. Thanks! Love this. And thanks for ALL that you share, some great stuff & much of it is new to a lot of us.