Aug 3, 2012

Thin White Rope - Moonhead (1987)

1. Not Your Fault 3:49
2. Wire Animals 2:57
3. Take It Home 3:58
4. Thing 4:37
5. Moonhead 2:22
6. Wet Heart 2:47
7. Mother 2:57
8. Come Around 2:44
9. If Those Tears 3:22
10. Crawl Piss Freeze 5:37

This record is so fucking cool. I can't even tell if I like it or not, it's just awesome

Taking Smiths-y jangle stuff and Americana-izing it when the idea is trip through the desert at night would seem suitable- the Americana to the road and the adventure and whatnot, but Moonhead is uniquely nightmarish and surreal in its vibe, like there's ghosts and they're watching you and that's actually pretty creepy and Moonhead is a pretty creepy and unique album despite somehow fitting into and making a lot of sense in the alt/indie canon



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  1. Any chance of a reup for this one?