Aug 27, 2012

Growing - The Sky's Run Into the Sea (2003)

I found this album when I first started 'discovering new music' or sitting on /mu/ all day and getting everything from sharethreads and going to music blogs to find 'drone' and 'post-rock' and trying to find something to wean myself away from Street Horrrsing, and any way most of what I found got deleted or ignored over the years, but not The Sky's Run Into the Sea. Unfortunately it's Growing's only fully realized ambient record, but whatever, they had it right for one album and it's a good one. They manipulate their guitars into layers and waves of drones which with the help of the minimal album art bring about that sublime feeling that droners/post-rockers often aim for but rarely achieve. Most of the songs don't go anywhere in themselves but all head in one direction- Pavement Rich in Gold, a blissful conclusion made more enjoyable by the work the listener has to put in to get to it. The epic collision of atmospheric drone and soaring guitar-tone had me thinking it was like Sunn O))) gone optimistic the first time I heard it which sounds crazy in retrospect, but maybe there's something there. Cleaner but just as soaring as Street Horrrsing, sweeter than Sunn O))) or Earth, more abstract than Boris, less cathartic than Yellow Swans, but heavier than Eno.



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