Aug 27, 2012

Sun City Girls - Torch of the Mystics (1990)

Sun City Girls belong to a fictional school of weirdo rockers I just invented called the 'post-Troutmask, post-Locust Abortion school of weirdos,' where they specialize in unpredictability, blending influences, and destroying rock and roll. Torch of the Mystics is a special record because it has the band blending psychedelic rock, 'world' music, punk, exotica, and folk without trying too hard to crack jokes, piss the listener off, or destroy any of the aforementioned influences. In fact, it's all pretty straightforward in its kaleidoscopic insanity. Space Prophet Dogon transcends their weirdness and lo-fi sensibilities because it's so beautiful. Burial in the Sky moves past 'world' appropriations and avant-garde intensity because in 38 minutes they earn genuine catharsis. All the weirdness of a band who looked back at Troutmask Replica's disemboweled rock through the scope of Locust Abortion Technician's new-psych mindfuckery, Torch of the Mystics is also as mysterious, exotic, and moving as the sources they assemble.



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