Nov 3, 2012

Hot meat, hot rats, hot cats, hot zitz, hot roots, hot soots

I was all Nah Zappa's fine and my dad was like Pffft he's fucking weird I hate all his stupid shit Cap's the man for me and I said to him Have you heard Hot Rats because the melodies straight up kill me in places like Son of Mr Green Genes and it's actually your mate Beefheart bringing things down to a grimy, earthy, bluesy, level when he's singing about pimps, floosies, hotels, and rats on Willie the Pimp and it's good, in fact, it's great, don't get me wrong, I like the captain (nobody should call him that), the captain, I like more, for the most part, and his grimy, earthy, bluesy pimp song might be the best, but it's the melodies, I said, It's that melody on Son of Mr Green Genes that just kills me



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  1. Damn right, never heard before and never will hear such an inspired instrumental as "Son Of…" that not so many people refer to when it comes to this record.