Nov 3, 2012


Just in case you've been living under a rock or you don't care about things and I can't blame you, I've been so lazy this year I'm coming out with things like fuck this year sucks for new music when there's no such thing as a year which 'sucked for new music' 'cause in a few years time you won't care if what you're listening to came out 2012 or 2005, but searching for something that'll make the year worthwhile is just as bad a decision because you could be listening to that Silkworm record instead, for example, but every now and then an album just gets delivered straight to your ear and your heart (corny, I know) and it transcends expectations for the year and actually things like hype, its release date (good or bad), too, not only because it's good, though that's obvious, but because it just makes so much sense. Confident, complex, refreshing, funny, serious, likable, wise, insightful, this one just makes so much sense


restock your vinyl pls

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