Feb 13, 2013

From The Far Future II

12 years late, no less important, maybe more important, Actress meets Jeff Mills, maybe but probably not. It's so singular that anyone can hear it and get anything they want from it, Dixon letting the songs move and fade rather than 'build' in any traditional sense. Throughout is a tense balancing act of minimalism, emotion, weight, weightlessness, melody, and understated aggression. This comes out best in Dark City of Hope, I think. The main mix's distorted drones grow in emotional and aesthetic resonance through the very act of droning, burying the drums as terse electronic flourishes add a third layer to the narrative. The hard mix (not included) indicates how hard-as-fuck the song could sound but reasonably doesn't on the record, Dixon instead favouring the isolation and interaction of opposing elements- the balancing act that is From the Far Future Pt 2 from the cover to each of the 14 tracks within. It's dark, beautiful, and hopeful, a cohesive journey record that could be the story of Detroit, a formal exercise, or an emotional one. Likely all, it's that good.


try / buy (lp sold out ;__;)

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