Feb 21, 2013

Sylvia Striplin - Give Me Your Love (1981)

Sylvia's fine, she does her thing, her disco thing, like thin and somehow monotone, and it would've sounded good, or suitable at least, but here's the thing: Roy Ayers does his thing too and he does it disco-funk, thudding and twinkling in a way that's beyond Striplin's innocent disco vocals. This makes Give Me Your Love a better record than it might've been without Ayers, but the discrepancy between Striplin's and Ayers' contributions evokes a singer out of their depth, and this may lead to serious nose-scrunching in the more nasal passages of a song like Searchin', however moved the nose-scruncher might be following the double-hit of disco funk goodness that is Give Me Your Love to Will We Ever Pass This Way Again. Recommended?



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