Mar 21, 2013

dork house (2013)

i think house of woo's deal is fragmented, restless sounds, merged with dorkish styles like newage but compressed so it's skittish and dorkish, fragmented, like the rest, but what it does, is it says 'hey listener this isn't just house, it's deep house, you see, deep, so like you're lost in it, like drowned even, dreaming or drowning, whatever your head's gonna conjure when you hear this, that's for you, that's on you, i'm giving you this, and so, any way, how about it, are you dreaming or drowning?' and when house of woo works you say 'i'm not sure... either? both, maybe..' and then it wakes you up and says 'it's all just fragments.. dorkish, restless fragments' and at that stage you're supposed to be impressed because then you know that house of woo has done its job. any questions about self-sabotage or transformative yet down-to-earth honesty can be answered whenever it goes fully ass shake or deep ass evocative in spite of itself


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