Mar 22, 2013

Otis G. Johnson - Everything - God is Love '78 (1978)

When did this become a thing? I mean I guess it appeals in the same way that Daniel Johnston or Jandek or Lonnie Holley appeal, and that's the outsider appeal, the disregard of audience and convention for the sake of spilling one's guts, brains, and in this case, soul, out, onto the record. There's a certain kind of pleasure found in hearing such directness- can't find a chord to satisfactorily express one's woes/devotion/anything? make one up. Stuck with a spacey keyboard and even spacier drum machine that'll sound real fucked up as the foundations over which you lay your soul bare? record the shit out of it. It's a freakshow and record geeks will love it



  1. Really good.

  2. Thank you! I just bought the reissue, but it didn't come with any download