Mar 27, 2013

downer dub (2013)

because 2013 doesn't have a clear narrative yet, the self-sufficient or enclosed uncomfortably-modern-armchair-looking-out-over-any-city-at-night-through-the-huge-glass-wall-of-some-modernist-house-inherited-or-broken-into-however-you-did-it indifference of a record like You Are Eternity is really able to thrive (or just exist, if it wants) without seeming too incongruous, casually helped of course by the listener's list of things that have sort of stirred or interested (the listener) in this vague new/old soundworld which goes like this: UMO (timeless) then Waka (ephemeral). that is to say you'll dig it because you like it, or dislike it because you don't, and that's it. the record doesn't tease, twist, or change, but typifies. where we're headed, i don't know, but this one'll assuredly stay put. return trips are welcome, of course, but not at all necessary.


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