Mar 26, 2013

The Cramps - Smell of Female (1983)

One of those all-time-great live-albums. Goes hard and has a nice story attached: label issues, Cramps not allowed to release anything, bootlegged like crazy, old songs, again and again, sound bad, bootlegged, after all, such is the nature of, but then, Smell of Female detailing transition between two periods for the band, public thirst, hungry band, some fun covers, some fun originals, would be important enough if it weren't so good, but it is, so good, Call of the Wighat, She Said (bonus), (also included)


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  1. Excellent post. I always love these guys.

  2. I don't know how to articulate the bashing chords of You Got Good Taste. They're perfect! Went and bought this CD the other day- supposedly out of print..