Apr 13, 2013

Sing it if you want a better way of life! (1989)


People of the world today
Scratch the tops of their heads and
Sort of wince at this

Ball sweat from bball
Played a Japanese guy who
Was as bad as me

Offered him a beer
He declined but tried to sell
Me cigarettes and

I was like 'I don't
smoke and I have no money'
He needed money

His friend was meant to
Pick him up at the airport
But never showed up

I winced at that too
Having read the description
Of 'wince' which before

I was ignorant
Of evidently because
This record goes hard

In fact if I see
It around I will buy it
You don't have to though

If you don't want to
Here's a dropcanvas link for
Your troubles, love you

Have a good night and a great weekend


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