Apr 13, 2013

World Clique (1990)

Huuuuuuuuugeee sound-for-sound's-sake positivity and exploration. House control, sample-psych spontaneity, kitschy pop smirk, and punk design- (feigned/fashionable) indifference and (secret/fashionable) purpose regarding the deliberate pulling apart and then mish-mashing together real haphazard of these divergent properties which were previously not divergent but actually coexisting quite happily. Then the story goes they were pulled apart, their differences pointed out and exaggerated, their subsequent reunion a self-aware freakshow that might've changed music forever. If not then it at least spawned a great single and ~4 tracks that are secretly even better



1 comment:

  1. this band was fun- just radiated positivity and getting busy and doing it all with style- we used to play this all the time in the warehouse where we had our graphics studio... kwept the energy up whenh you had to go the distance without taking yourself too seriously...
    thanks for the chance to hear them again...