May 3, 2013

∞ dolphins! (2011)

to say they were better than radiohead when i saw them would be weird and untrue, but i would happily hear 'forever dolphin love' jammed out for ~90 minutes by these guys rather than see the main act come up with their screens and pedals and laptops and serious faces whining because i paid my hundred(s) of dollars to hear them whine and i'll be damned if they don't whine for like three hours for all the shit i went through to pull extra hours to save those hundred(s) and then sit politely to let the whining commence and let my back go cold and shivery when they touch on something personal which may or may not resonate well beyond their politics and conceptual nihilism.

there's something creepy and icy about this, but it's also affectionate like being in love. i didn't realize it at the time, but it was easily one of the year's better albums when it was released. not that this little rating means anything to anyone, but check this out:


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