May 3, 2013

Silkworm - In The West (1993)

I care less about Slint (beyond Good Morning, Captain) than the next guy, and maybe Pavement too (beyond Silence Kit)* and oh my hear that part in Raised By Tigers that's like straight lifting the noise guitar from In the Mouth of a Desert (!!!) but you should just HEAR IT come together out of that chaos, THAT'S why Silkworm exists, not because, as I said earlier, or intimated, they're a sad+alcoholic Pave-lint (or Slavement (!)), rather Silkworm is a mess that just can't keep itself together, a constantly moving shambles that's always falling apart and picking itself up again, forever damaged by the fall, but endlessly rebuilding itself. It creates its own chaos, because of its brain, and always wants to transcend itself, through using itself, in spite of itself (it being a collapsing, self-sabotaging mess). When Silkworm fall short of these ambitions, it's impossibly hard to look away. When they succeed it's like an against-all-odds situation that hardly makes any sense at all, a noise rock peoples' champion that hits as hard as Fugazi or even Shellac despite its messy origins, awkward gait, and disturbingly lean physical appearance.

*I decided to ask the guy next to me and it turns out I actually care more about Pavement than he does, and probably Slint too




  1. But the question is which Silkworm fanatic turned you onto the band!

    Their fanbase is SURPRISINGLY tight-knit.

    1. i just saw the cover for firewater and was like oh my god what the fuck and then listened and thought it was real good!

    2. Woah! That's almost the exact opposite of the usual "it took me five years and six friends to convince me this band was the greatest thing BUT OH MY GOD NOW I AGREE."

      Cheers, either way. Long live the SWKM.