May 7, 2013

Alice Clark, self-titled (1972)

Depending on your taste you will either see this album posted all the time, or you will almost never come across it. I'm not a Northern Soul connoisseur, but I understand that people who are have an exceptionally high opinion of this record. Not hard to understand, though; every cut on this is going to raise whatever standards you might have for Soul and R&B. This is possibly one of those "obscure but highly influential" albums because it was put out by Bob Shad, who founded Mainstream Records. You can be pretty sure that almost everyone who subsequently released something on Mainstream Records listened to this album.

Clark's record can be listened to in the context of that early-70s American popular music scene when white listeners were really starting to forget in earnest that they owed pretty much everything they have musically to black people. If you have ever enjoyed, for instance, Janis Joplin, you are pretty much required to listen to this and enjoy it more.




  1. my nigga can we get these shits in FLAC for fuck's sake?

    1. probably not tho because the only rips of this album i have seen in lossless have been seederless torrents, and converting these files would do nothing. just try to enjoy it at this bitrate yo.