May 5, 2013

Blind Willie McTell mostly solo on a 12-string

This is a compilation of songs that were recorded during a brief surge of interested in country blues after World War Two. Most of these cuts gathered dust until 1979, when this session was rediscovered. Blind Willie McTell has easily the best voice of any of the bluesmen who were picked up by northern record labels between the mid-1920s and the mid-1940s. These tracks have a vividness that, although not lacking in his earlier cuts, are at least partially obscured  by the more primitive recordings. This is usually not a big deal, but his voice is so great it really benefits from the better quality made possible by Atlantic.

As was standard for most blues musicians, McTell was horribly exploited by Atlantic records - and all other labels who recorded him, for that matter. I highly encourage you to not buy this album. In this case it is far more ethical just to download it. 

A+ (obviously)


  1. "The download for this file has not been enabled. Only the user who uploaded it, can enable the download option."

    Shame, I love me a bit of Blind Willie.

  2. Sorry mate. New Rapidhsare account and forgot to change the settings. Should be fine now.

  3. Aye, that's better. Thanks fella!

  4. Fuck yeah, I intend to celebrate the man and his music the righteous way—by sticking it to the man, hehehe.