Mar 22, 2013

calvin & doug (1998)

I'M SUCH A DORK! Turns out opener Virginia Reel Around the Fountain is supposed to sound like silly teen angst drama with dumb absurd lyrics so Johnson (Beat Happening) and Martsch (Built to Spill) can be like HEY SMITHS FANS SEE WHAT WE'RE DOING HAHA and I didn't even notice, I just thought it was a cool angsty song with shimmery guitars and interweaving monodrone and indie vox and I thought it was the best thing so I guess they got me weeded out as a Smiths fan (!) and sorry bros but backed into a corner I say it's still your best song and I'll stand by the original too even though the thought of Morrissey wailing about busting a nut in a 'virtually dead' prostitute is as weird as the image of him falling out of bed (twice) is funny. Indie as fuck.


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  1. Morrissey lifted the "fell out of bed twice" line from the film A Taste Of Honey, along with one or two other lines. I think that makes me love the Smiths all the more to be honest. Great film, based on the book by the great Shealgh Delaney.

  2. Halo benders were the shite.